Staying at the Zen House

King Bed in 3rd bedroom/TV room



My first intention was to create a beautiful space to spend my days in. I had to have high speed WIFI and Netflix. The house came with two Aircon’s. But it needed fans, so I bought four. I had a refrigerator in my large Kitchen, but I figured if you’re my guest better you have one too. So Two refrigerators. I like making smoothies, so I bought  a high speed Ninja Blender, and on-tap pure water, so I got an eSprings water purifier. I breath better with an Air Purifier, so I bought two. Somehow I ended up with a Jacuzzi bath, wonderful place to relax under the night sky. As a writer I was lucky to find a house with an office, with an extra computer and printer. I finally had to buy a new washing machine, and racks to air dry. There are too many seating areas for me alone. I actually have 10 places to choose from, to sit and relax. I had to have a fountain with fish, so I built a big one, and put together another fountain out back.  The house came with a large front porch, which is now my outdoor second living room, and a two car carport with enough yoga or meditation space for ten people. I ended up with 5 beds (can sleep up to 10 people), and 3 bathrooms. My yard has trees, and grass and flowers. My neighbor Da is our on-call Massage Therapist.

It’s a short walk to public transportation for a half-hour ride into the city, or you can call GRAB (Thailand’s Uber) and a driver will pick you up and bring you home. Across the highway at the Horizon Village Resort and Spa there’s an olympic-sized swimming pool, coffee shops, restaurants and an amazing botanical garden.

The Zen House is smoke and drama free.

Sometimes its best to find a peaceful place to stay with friends and family

Porch 2nd living room area

Entrance into Living Room

Queen bedroom with bath #1

Queen bedroom with bath #2

Zen House entrance

Wonderful Ambiance

The Zen House has three peaceful outdoor sitting areas. Two of these areas have waterfalls, and the third is the breakfast nook. The neighboring houses are vacant, so the only noise is occasional street traffic and midnight howling dogs, which I no longer hear, since there is a constant waterfall outside my bedroom window, shared by the two covered entrance area beds. The ensuite guest room could also have a constant waterfall outside its window. The main pond has goldfish, and there are no bugs to speak of, except an occasional mosquito, everywhere in the tropics. No mice, roaches or ants, and for sure no snakes. As a novelist I rotate between my favorite six places to sit and write. There is pure filtered water for tea or coffee, and plenty of space to cook any meal. A resort dinner out is a fifteen minute walk away.



Landscaped Gardens

Garden Jacuzzi

Garden Quan Yin

Zen Garden Ambiance

Art throughout the house

The Zen House is a pretty cool place to hang out

Single bed facing outdoor waterfall

My intention is to maintain a home of peace and harmony. The Zen House is a sanctuary for a quiet place to just be, or to do your business work in peace. I’ve opened the Zen House to family and friends, and those who wish to share my dreams.


Living Room favorite place to sit each morning

Large Kitchen

Fitness Area

Living Room Ambiance

Zen House from the street