The Zen House

Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Welcome to the Zen House Thailand

The Zen House is my personal home and sanctuary. I offer it to those who would seek and appreciate Zen Ambiance. I will consider guests beginning in March 2019. You can contact me for more information. Contact

I created the  Zen House to be a Healing Center and then Airbnb, but the reality of not being allowed to do business in Thailand, with a Retirement Visa, forced me to relax and enjoy my creation. I have five beds and three baths, and await the magic of who will arrive next to share peaceful time and space with me.

I live in what is called a mooban, a quiet subdivision located three miles from the laid-back village of Doi Saket. Check Google Map: I’m across the highway from the Horizon Village Resort, about 12 miles east of Chiang Mai. It’s close to, but far enough away from the thriving metropolitan city for me to feel like I’m in the country, able to relax in peace. Getting to and from the city is easy.



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It’s important for there to be “safe spaces,” sanctuaries to get away from all the noise, confusion and demands of daily life. Surviving on planet earth isn’t that easy, so we take on roles or behave contrary to our nature. We often aren’t sure who we really are. I offer a safe space to meditate, contemplate, talk story or just be. Zen is about letting go of our ego battles; to be in the ahh moment. Sometimes we just need that . . . to be seen and acknowledged for being alive. The Zen House is not a retreat center and I’m not a teacher. I’m an elder with an open heart, open to this reflection. If this calls to you, please contact me.

I invite only those who can appreciate Zen ambiance.


 Zen Ambiance 

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I’m a novelist and inquisitive scholar, a student of life in general. My life-long religious research finally boiled down to  Zen: a religion without theosophy. It alway made sense to enjoy this moment and get out of  the line of fire: the chaos. The Buddhist would say I’m on the path to ending my suffering. The Hindu’s would say I’m on the path to Nirvana. Doesn’t matter. I’m a simple man who chops wood and carries water. And if you’re here I will be the best host, to help you be happy for choosing Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Why you are invited to the Zen House?

You’re invited because you want to come. I have a big house and live alone, and enjoy good company. I call it the Zen House because I wish to share a peaceful drama free destination. If you’ve come just to visit Chiang Mai, then that’s great and I will direct you as you wish. If you have things you want to discuss with a friend, I will be your friend. If you have issues, health or otherwise we can talk about them, and I will direct you according.  Whatever you like, I will help you find it, the best I can. And all the while I wish for the respect, that this house remain a place of kind love and support.


Easy to be Here

I’m an ex-pat from Hawaii with the Aloha spirit. Aloha means love, and if you’re up for it I’ll be as loving to you as possible. I’ve traveled all over Asia collecting treasures, which gives the Zen House a most unique ambiance. As a career artist, an interior and landscape designer, the house is filled with treasures, inside and out. In a real way its a sanctuary designed for your comfort, pointing in the direction of Zen.

Take care of your Physical Health while here

My Zen House has some weight equipment, and plenty of space to do yoga or exercises.  For peaceful walks and communing with nature, the beautiful 114 acre Tweechol Botanical Gardens at the Horizon Village Resort and Spa is a 15 minute walk across the highway. You’re invited to my fitness spa in Doi Saket. I have found outstanding world class doctors here in Northern Thailand.  A full health physical will cost around $200. The best dental cleaning is under $30. Absolute Health offers a thorough body scan for $75.  Contact me if you are interested in Medical Tourism. It will part of my Travel Package (Click on Travel)

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