The Zen House

Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Welcome to the Zen House Thailand

The Zen House is my personal home.  I am now offering my sanctuary to a full-time housemate, one seeking a large house space to live. Someone who likes meditation and personal self-inquire would be ideal.  I will consider a new housemate beginning in March 2019. You can contact me for more information. Contact Me.

I created the  Zen House to be a Healing Center, but the reality of not being allowed to do business in Thailand forced me to relax and enjoy my creation. I have plenty of space for a housemate and await the magic of who will arrive to share peaceful time and place with me. For my mental and physical well-being, this space must remain absolutely drama free. The Offer.

I live in what is called a mooban, a laid-back subdivision located three miles from the village of Doi Saket. Check Google Map: I’m across the highway from the Horizon Village Resort, about 12 miles east of Chiang Mai. It’s far enough away from the thriving metropolitan city to feel like it’s in the country; with no neighbors on either side, it’s mostly quiet. Getting to and from the city is easy, especially if you have a scooter or car.



Zen House  

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I’ve created what I call a “safe space” sanctuary, away from all the noise, confusion and demands of daily life. It’s a place where I meditate, contemplate, work on my art, my gardens, write my novels and just be.

I refer to Zen as letting go of ego battles; of finding peace in the present moment. I need that for my personal sanity . . . to be aware and acknowledge the gift of being alive, moment to moment.  I’m simply a wise elder with an open heart, willing to share my safe space with a straight like-minded ex-pat senior man. If this calls to you, please contact me.

The Zen House is a gift if you can appreciate peace.


 Zen Ambiance 

Email me about living at the Zen House.   Contact Me

Seeking a kindred Spirit


I’m a novelist and inquisitive scholar, a student of life in general. My life-long esoteric training and research finally boiled down to  Zen: a religion without theosophy. It makes sense to enjoy each moment and to get out of the line of fire: to move away from the chaos. The Buddhist would say I’m on the path to ending my suffering. The Hindu’s would say I’m on the path to Nirvana. Doesn’t matter. I’m a simple man who chops wood and carries water. I invite the rare person who can share the never-mind with me.

Is the Zen House for you?

Maybe. You don’t have to be a monk. You might consider why you would want to be away from the noise of the city in the first place; in a peaceful drama-free environment. If you’re attached to the “things” of Chiang Mai, the Old City would be best for you. But if you want to live in quiet meditation, this would be better.  I would expect my housemate to offer the respect this home deserves as a refuge of loving kindness.



Please go to The Offer for more information. I have traveled all over Asia collecting treasures, which gives the home a most unique presence. As a career artist, an interior and landscape designer, the house is filled with a calming ambiance, inside and out. I spent a year designing and furnishing the house for comfort, with a distinct Zen flair.

Take care of your Physical Health while here

The Zen House has some weight equipment and plenty of space for yoga or exercise. The beautiful 114 acre Tweechol Botanical Gardens at the Horizon Village Resort and Spa is a 15-minute walk across the highway. My well-equipped fitness spa is in Doi Saket, 6 km away.

Contact us today to book your Zen House stay